Volunteering for the SCC comes in many forms!

Why not check it out?

Our SCC Chapter needs volunteers now more than ever. Volunteering does not mean you need to run for elected office – or head up a committee. We can use help in so many areas – and a lot of that help can come in small time increments.

Really – if you want to help but are afraid of the time commitment – just let us know that you are interested and want to learn more. Whether you have an hour a month to help or ten – we welcome it!

We have many events during the year and many things that happen behind the scenes so the events are successful. We can use people to help us with registration for our events (pre, post or during), to promote the SCC to companies in the area who current do not employees attending our meetings, to write articles or provide industry news/links for our website, to proof our newsletter before it is published.

We have a long “to do” list related to our NextGen initiative – largely around engaging with universities and professors and students for possible involvement with our chapter, coordinating chapter members to speak with students or professors, awareness of cosmetic science as a career path for students, etc.

Sometimes what we need is simply fresh ideas, member input or a few hours to help us at a kid’s science day or museum event. Maybe even some games or fun meeting starters or raffle prizes at our meetings.

If interested, please email chair@midwestscc.org, or call at 312-848- 0738. One of our Board members will contact you about the types of things you are interested in or want to learn more about, what type of time you think you can give us to start (again, small is okay) and how structured your time might be (ie no evenings or you travel for work so specific dates/times are hard by 5 hours total “ ad hoc” a month is okay, etc.