Speaker Bios & Abstracts

Helen Yang – Keynote Speaker – 9:10am
Blue Light Science 101: Harmful or Helpful for the skin?

Blue light has become a beauty buzzword. Is it a pollutant that causes digital aging, or is it an efficacious skin treatment? The market for blue light skincare is on the rise, and cosmetic products advertise both blue light protection and blue light therapy. We’ll explore popular blue light technologies and elucidate the science behind them. This is a technical 101 talk on the basics of blue light and how it interacts with the skin, concluding with tips for product formulation, claims, and testing.

Helen is a Product Development Coordinator at Cocokind, a clean beauty startup based in San Francisco, CA. She manages the full development process from innovation to sourcing and marketing. Helen’s passion and expertise lies in scientific storytelling and communicating cosmetic science in consumer-friendly language.

Helen earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and English Language & Literature from Columbia University. She conducted four years of nanochemistry research at Columbia, for which she was awarded the Herbert Deresiewicz Fellowship for outstanding independent research. Prior to joining cocokind, Helen worked at Artistry as a Beauty Research Investigator where she substantiated skincare claims and communicated product science to 150+ international counterparts. She is known for her presentations on blue light’s effect on the skin, which won the 2019 Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award at the SCC National Conference in New York City.

Ivan Souza – 9:50am
Keeping up with Ideation and Innovation in Cosmetic Science in the Digital Age

Within this topic we will discuss what is an innovation and what is not an innovation in cosmetic science. We will also present different types and strategies for innovation. We will focus on product innovation and discuss the opportunities to create new products. The audience will be invited to think of cosmetic products as an ensemble of formula, packaging, and marketing concept. In the sequence, we will discuss the ideation process in cosmetic and personal care R&D, comparing methods applied to hermetic and open innovation styles. We will also discuss methods to generate ideas for new products with or without the collaboration of potential customers. We will particularly highlight methods that rely on digital information to identify opportunities for innovation, such as netnography and online co-creation. We expect the audience to leave this discussion inspired with new ideas, and potentially with a new set of ideation tools they can apply in their R&D routines.

Ivan Souza holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy and an MBA, as well as a PhD in Medicines and Cosmetics from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Ivan has published 10 peer-reviewed papers and his latest work was directed to sun protection, and technological innovation and ideation in skin care. He also has industrial experience in the development of new ingredients for cosmetics and personal care.

Shannel Rivera – 10:50am
Finding Success through SAS and Branding to Create a Social Following

Through a successful corp life career with Fedex, being the top % in a direct sales and having a wildly successful small business, Shannel has built a formula on how to find success at it all.  Shannel will guide the audience through the 3 pillars-strategy, authenticity and soul and how to leverage these three things to find great success in any business while finding balance in life.

Shannel comes from being the #1 district manager at a billion-dollar global corporation and has used that knowledge to build her own brand, #beautyandhustle, into a million-dollar empire. Beautyandhustle began as a Facebook community that in turn turned into a community of followers wanting to purchase products from Shannel. She began an apparel line and shorty after launched a lipstick line through Facebook. Beautyandhustle recently was recognized and sponsored by Facebook in their new ad campaign, #moretogether, which has given her brand exposures to millions of new consumers. She shares the exact actionable steps that has allowed her company to not only grow but to capture worldwide attention from companies like Facebook. She has been able to take her retail operational background and combine it with her social media attraction marketing to build out her dream company. Shannel loves to empower others to find success in their lives through her words of wisdom and guidance.

Anna Howe – 12:40pm
Smudge-free Formulations: Impact of chassis selection on mobile device smudge transference

Mobile devices are a pervasive part of many consumers’ lives. Personal care formulations often interact with these mobile devices, inadvertently leaving aftereffects such as smudges or residue. These formulations were not developed with heavy consumer-device interaction in mind. But for modern consumers, ‘smudge-free’ and ‘mobile-compatible’ claims are becoming more meaningful and practical. Evonik has been studying the impact of formula chassis components like emulsifiers, emollients, and film formers on smudge-generation. Through the use of an internally-developed test protocol, Evonik has studied several of these components to identify options which minimize contribution to device smudge transference. This research can provide brands with a basis from which to achieve ‘smudge-free’ claims and benefits.

Anna Howe is Applied Technology Manager COS/AI, North America, for the Care Solutions business of Evonik Corporation at the Business & Innovation Center in Richmond, Virginia. Her responsibilities include global product development as well as leading regional customer projects.
Ms. Howe has over 25 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Prior to joining Evonik, she held positions of increasing responsibility at Inolex Chemical Company, Rhône-Poulenc (Rhodia) and Alcolac Chemical Corporation. A member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, she holds several application patents, and has authored several scientific papers in the personal care area.
Ms. Howe earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University in Blacksburg, Va.

Terri Germain – 1:20pm
Using Design of Experiments for Personal Care Applications

Personal Care is an ever dynamic field. Natural and safe, ingredient concerns and regulatory compliance add to the complexity for finding just the right balance between cost and performance. 1-to-1 substitutions of one ingredient for another is not the answer. To use new, alternative ingredients, an entire formulation may require adjustment and rebalancing. Stepan has been using experimental design to evaluate new, naturally-derived, 100% active surfactants that can replace traditional betaines and amides. Because of their premium performance, formulations can be simplified and in many cases the overall  actives can be reduced, helping to keep total formulation costs low. This presentation will show how Stepan uses design-of-experiment tools to find optimum ratios of primary and new secondary surfactants without sacrificing viscosity or foam performance.

Ms. Terri Germain is the Business Development Manager in the North America Consumer Products Group at Stepan Company. Her career includes commercial positions with Univar, Oxiteno and Harcros and technical R&D leadership positions at McIntyre Group (now Solvay) and Stepan. Her industry background is on the use of surfactants in a multitude of markets and applications specializing in Personal Care, Home Care, I&I Cleaning and Vehicle Care. She has been actively involved in the Household & Commercial Product Association (pka CSPA) and the American Oil Chemist Society as a speaker, session chair and held various key positions on Division Boards over the years. She is also a longstanding member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. She has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from North Park College. In her 30+ year career, she still finds surfactants fascinating and fundamental to the safe and clean world we all want to live in.

Sara Nettesheim – 2:30pm
Using Social Media listening to learn about consumer needs and preferences

Social media listening is transforming market research, adding a new level of insight into the consumer journey. In this session, we’ll highlight how brands can use social media to connect more personally with their consumers and how to use those insights to inform product development. We will also take a closer look at emerging platforms like TikTok and how brands are learning to speak the language of these ever-evolving social media channels.

Sara Nettesheim is the Social Media Analyst with the Mintel Reports team. Since joining Mintel in August 2018, Sara has used online and social data to supplement reports and inform client decisions with unique insights on real consumer conversations, while simultaneously reporting on the world of social media each month. Prior to Mintel, Sara worked in advertising as a Social Strategist for Digitas. She graduated from Boston College with a B.S. in Marketing and Information Systems and is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin