New Normal In Oral Care: The last two years have been tumultuous and  marked by historic change.  Just as the beauty and wellness market began adapting to the significant buying power of a new affluent generation, the entire world was brought to a grinding halt by a global pandemic. We will break down these occurrences and examine how they have influenced the oral hygiene market, truly putting the consumer front and center of the consumer product market. Products that were once nothing more than a means to manage the “dreaded visit to the dentist” have evolved into the cornerstone of our self-care routine. Social justice and sustainability now reign in the consumers’ mind where once their favorite flavor held purchasing sway. We will finish with a deeper dive into the brands and ingredients at the forefront of this newly emerged landscape and some provocative thoughts on what the future may hold.


Jason Nesta is an oral care veteran with over 12 years of practical experience formulating toothpaste, mouthwash, and specialty oral care products. During that time, he led the development and commercialization of dozens of oral hygiene products, many of which can still be found on store shelves or in pharmacies. Jason has presented at the International Association of Dental Research, published in peer reviewed journals, and been awarded more than 10 composition of matter patents in the art. He received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and a Master of Arts for Teachers from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Jason is currently the Consumer Goods Market Development & Innovation Manager at Omya Inc. 


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