2016 National SCC President’s Report

It has been an honor and a privilege serving as your National President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. This three year track has taught me so very much and has come to make me respect the Society even more than I ever thought was possible. The people who comprise the Society are energetic, creative and very dedicated to their science. I used to take offense when someone described my job as the person that designs the “goop” in the bottle but have learned to be a much more tolerant person after serving as your president.

I listed as my goals for this year the following:

1) Bring online voting to both the Chapters and to National. That has happened where it is possible, which is a large percentage of the chapters and at National. This gives more people the opportunity and the incentive to vote. Your vote really does matter and is very important to those running.

2) Bring the National Board meetings out to different chapters where it makes sense to do so. This year my first board meeting was held in the Carolina chapter at the Kiawah scientific meeting. The board met one day while a CEP class was taking place and then attended the seminar the following day. This worked well for all involved. The cost to the Society was actually less than if we had held the meeting in our Manhattan office. (Which is a great place for a meeting and was missed).

3) The Mentor program is a concept that is finally starting to take form. I pushed for our first meeting to be in the Pasadena area. This was a fact finding mission to see if we could generate interest. We certainly did. We now have an active committee moving this program forward and the program is called NextGen.

4) We addressed the advent of In-Cosmetics offering its North America program in New York just after Labor Day this year. Always remember competition is a good and healthy thing it encourages everyone do better. We countered by bringing the headquarters for the IFSCC into our Manhattan offices. There is strength in unity. The Orlando IFSCC was very successful I hope some of you had the opportunity to attend.

5) A large in-progress goal is bringing access to our journals and scientific articles on-line. Tony O’Lenick is making great progress in accomplishing this.

6) An unobtained goal of mine was to establish a dialogue with the EWG. I just ran out of time but I believe this is still a very worthwhile goal. We are all the same industry.

I could not have done nearly as much without the forward thinking of the two administrations that preceded me, specifically Dawn Burke Colvin and Tony O’Lenick and the fantastic administration of our Executive Director David Smith. I am sorry I could not be with you tonight but you all know I am a very strong advocate for each and every one of you and since I was never formally installed as your president do I get a do over?

Thanks to all Debbie