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Teamworks 2016 - April 6, 2016


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8:30 am to 12:00 pm
Stephens Convention Center

“New Trends and Technologies in Personal Care & Home Care”

8:30-9:00 am Coffee/Tea, Light Breakfast and Poster Session

8:50-8:55 am    Opening Remarks: Gina Cosby (LV Lomas)

8:55-9:00 am    “29th IFSCC Congress Promotional Video” David Smith (SCC National)

9:00-9:25 am    "Flexibility Dimensions of Natural Emulsifiers" Anna Howe (Evonik)
This presentation will identify four critical areas that will enable formulators to identify viable alternatives to synthetic emulsifiers. It will include a comparison of three known emulsifiers for their flexibility in processing temperature options, processing techniques, and finally application form. In this dawning era for greener products, formulators will need to look at emulsifiers that will enable dimensions of flexibility.

9:30-9:55 am    "Sustainable Emulsion Concept: Achieve Good Emolliency With Less Oil Content" Shawn Brown (SEPPIC INC)
This presentation will describe the research conducted to find a new technology for sustainable emulsion that meets the criteria of ease of formulation, respect for the environment, sensation, and properties that are attractive to and beneficial for the skin.

10:00-10:25 am    "Antimicrobial and Microflorae Interactions with the Skin" Fatheih Alkazaz (Active Concepts, LLC)
Our skin lives in synergy with its own network of commensal microflorae. Symbiotic or commensal microorganisms occupy a wide range of skin niches and protect against invasion by transient pathogens. This presentation will share research that points to the innovative, functional application of the skin microflorae in cosmetics.

10:25-10:35 am    Refreshment Break: MWSCC 2015 Speaker Award presented to Giorgio Dell'Acqua, PhD

10:35-11:00 am    "Color Protection with Care Benefits: Delivering Multiple Benefits to Hair" Julie Castner (Lubrizol Advanced Materials)
High performance color protection and care systems can be formulated by combining unique polymer and surfactant systems. The benefits of these systems provide a complete care package to consumers. This presentation will share how color protection, conditioning and sensorial performance attributes of rheology modifiers and conditioning polymers in sulfated and sulfate-free surfactant systems deliver multiple benefits to hair.

11:05-11:30 am    "Formulating Natural Sunscreens: Working to Improve Formula Characteristics" Fred Ortiz (Kobo Products, Inc)
The natural sunscreen trend is becoming more of a mainstay in the sunscreen market. The opportunity to create more desirable characteristics in natural sunscreens can be achieved to improve consumer perception of product performance. Our study revealed that optimized particle size in a dispersion has a positive effect on reducing the whitening effect of a natural sunscreen.

11:35-12:00 pm    "Sunscreen Boosting Technology for Improved Efficacy and Formulation Aesthetics" Joy Roederer (Integrity Ingredients Corp.)
This presentation will share the results of research conducted into the use of natural materials to boost UV protection in cosmetic formulations, to help meet potential new EU regulatory guidelines limiting the allowed levels of active sunscreen agents, and to facilitate improved aesthetics of high-SPF products.


“A Naturally-Derived, Multifunctional Amide for Personal Care Liquid Cleansing”
Sarah Schubert (Stepan Company)

“Application of Boosters in High Performance Suncare Products”
Pascal Delrieu, PhD, Sydney Gentile, Yun Shao, PhD, David Schlossman (Kobo Products, Inc.)

“CELEBRITYTM Technology for Innovation Marine Active Materials”
Shawn Brown (SEPPIC)

“Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP”
Michael Mack (NSF International)

“Fighting Against the Pervasive and Harmful Pollution”
Núria Almiñana, Elena Cañadas, Cristina Davi, Raquel Delgado, Brandon Ford, Alicia Giménez (Lipotec)

“Functionality of Natural and Sustainable Shea Ethyl Esters for Suncare Formulations”
Jari Alander, Sara Lampard, Mette Skovgaard, Jarek Tabor (AAK)

“Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters: A Natural Multifunctional Ingredient”
Robert Harper, PhD, Tiffany Oliphant (Floratech)

“New-to-the-World Metathesis-Based Amide Surfactant Provides Solvent-Like Function for Substantially Aqueous Cleaners, and a New Cleaning Mechanism in Aqueous Formulation with Terpenes”
Ron Masters, PhD (Stepan Company)

“Plant Sprout Extracts: Stimulation of the Hair Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells Associated to Increased Anagen/Telogen Ratio and Reduced Hair Loss in Clinical Studies with Individuals with Alopecia”
Giorgio Dell'Acqua PhD, Aleksandra Zmiric (Akott)

Posters will also be available for viewing in the exhibition hall refreshment area