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Teamworks 2012 Presentations

TEAMWORKS 2012 Technical Symposium:
“Meeting Market Demand: New Advances in Skin and Hair”

Thanks to all our attendees, exhibitors and sponsors for a great Teamworks! And an especially big thanks to our presenters!
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Hypopigmenting agents: An in depth review on the biological and chemical aspects of hyperpigmentation and contemporary strategies for achieving even skin tone, Ms. Cecilia Teran, Active Concepts, LLC
An in-depth overview of the biological effectors causing hypopigmentation and novel synergistic strategies to interfere with the skin pigmentation process to achieve an even tone. The mechanisms covered include Tyrosinase inhibition, maturation and enhancement of its degradation, Mitf inhibition, downregulation of MC1R activity, interface with melanosome maturation and transfer, melanocyte loss, desquamation and chemical peeling. The potential use of a range of botanical extracts and chemical compounds to interfere with the process of melanin formation will be addresses in depth.

Hypopigmenting Agents

Biocatalytic Process to Synthesize Cosmetic Esters via Enzymatic Esterifications, Ms. Marcie Natale, Eastman Chemical Co.
The Principles of Green Chemistry can be readily applied to the manufacture of cosmetic ingredients, with a goal of achieving maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This presentation will review developments in green chemistry technology for producing innovative ingredients, with a focus on a biocatalytic manufacturing process that was recognized in 2009 with a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Green Process to Synthesize Esters

The Customization of Skin and Hair Care Formulas for Mass Appeal, Ms. Amy Ziegler, Mintel
This presentation will explore the Beauty Personal Care (BPC) trend of Segmentation in the skin and haircare categories. Using consumer insights and new product development data, Mintel will illustrate how customized solutions have impacted product production and purchase behavior as well as provide potential implications for the future.

Customization of Hair & Skin Care for Mass Appeal

Hair Smoothing/Straightening of European and Hispanic Hair with Non-formaldehyde based Reactive Molecules, Ali Syed, PhD., Salon Commodities, Inc.
The first generation smoothing products were based upon crosslinking hair with formaldehyde that posed severe health problems. In this study, the new reactive ingredient Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine (and) Glyoxyloyl Amino Acids, was evaluated as straightening and smoothing agent without emitting high levels of formaldehyde during the treatment process.

Non-Formaldehyde Hair Smoothing