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September 9, 2014

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Scientific Story of Cosmetics

The fall season of the Midwest Society of Cosmetic Chemists returns with our next dinner meeting and an excellent speaker.

SPEAKER: Dr. Joe Schwarcz

TOPIC: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Scientific Story of Cosmetics


Who is the fairest of them all? It just may be the one who sports the most alluring make-up! And of course cosmetics companies all vie to make that claim. While there is a fair amount of “poetic license” used in advertising cosmetics, there is also a great deal of sound scientific research aimed at making us look better. Unfortunately there is also a perception by the public that some cosmetics contain untested and potentially harmful ingredients. The media blusters about the dangers of lead in lipstick, phthalates in perfumes, parabens in creams and dioxane in shampoos while paying only lip service to the extensive amount of effort put into producing safe and effective products. The scientific story of cosmetics, stripped of hype, hope and fear-mongering, makes for a fascinating account.

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